Vision and Mission

‘’Inside every block of stone dwells a beautiful statue. Similarly inside every human dwells the divine ‘you’. Remove the excess material to unravel the beauty within.”


The essence of Vedanta is to discover hidden talent of every student through holistic teaching. VPS curriculum endeavors to enable its students to experience the infinite power that resides within them free of all barriers so that every student can excel holistically.

Vedanta Public School is established with a vision & mission to break all type of barriers in education and learning, be it a language barrier or an economic barrier or Social barrier or any other barrier.

VPS through its unique and flexible teaching curriculum has a vision & mission to bridge the gap in learning, where a student coming from an area/family/background where English is not spoken at all, can be made to understand in contrast to memorizing, all subjects in English apart from developing proficiency in English language. The concept is explained in detail under the tab “Breaking the barriers”.

VPS has a vision & mission to teach science with an artistic approach and arts with a scientific approach for better understanding.

VPS has a vision and mission to eliminate fear of the subjects as well as fear of teacher in the learning process for developing inquisitive minds where students can discuss every subjects as well as aspects of life not only with teaching staff but also with their parents and school management.

VPS has a vision and mission to make learning of every subject interesting for students. VPS is committed to provide an education, where there shall be no need for home tuition.

VPS, a not-for-profit institution has a vision & mission to provide highly subsidized and quality education to students.