Sports Infra

When we play any sport, at that point of time, we get rid of our problems completely. Sports are great stress buster and they free our mind. Healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Sport persons are better equipped to manage a crisis, spot an opportunity and make the best of any situation. It teaches you the value of Perseverance, Discipline, Endurance, Self-control, Clear thinking and Leadership. It teaches you to win from the toughest situations and at the same time teaches you how to face failures and not to get depressed at failures.

VPS has got plenty of indoor and outdoor space for all types of sports activity. VPS has planned almost all outdoor sports and adventure activities such as Cricket, Football, Volley ball, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Horse Riding, Swimming, Excursions – adventure travel and educational tours, Gardening etc. VPS has also planned almost all indoor sports and adventure such as gym, kids play area Chess, Carrom, Yoga etc.