VPS is supported by a strong team of IITians, Civil Servants and professionals, all of whom cannot be accommodated here for want of space. However, a small illustrative list is given below:

Mr. Abdesh Chaudhary, Advocate (Supreme Court)
Mr. Abdur Rahman, B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur), IPS
Mr. Abhay Jha, B.Tech. (IIT KGP)
Mr. Ajit Mishra, B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur), IES
Mr. Alok Jha, IRS
Mr. Amitabh Nandan, B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur), MBA (IIML)
Mr. Amitabh Sinha, B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur), IRS
Mr. Amresh Sharma, B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur), Founder APS School Bhillai
Mr. Anand Mohan Singh, IFS
Dr. Anjan Kumar Gupta, B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur), PhD (USA), Professor (IIT Kanpur)
Dr. Arati Chand, MBBS (NMCH), Fellowship (USA), Onco and Hemato (USA)
Mr. Awnish Kumar Rai, Advocate (Supreme Court)
Dr. Bharat Rai, MBBS, Founder Ambey Hospital
Dr, Chandrasekhar Palla, B.Tech. (IITM), PhD (USA)
Mr. Dinesh Kumar Pandey, B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur), IES topper
Mr. IstikharBaig, M.Tech. (IIT Kanpur), IRS
Mr. Jitendra Kumar, B.Tech. (IIT Kharagpur), IRS
Dr. Lokesh Sinha, MBBS, MD, DNB, Nephrologist
CA. Madhu Sudan Pothal
Mr. Manoj Pandey, B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur)
Dr. Md. Gulzar, MBBS, MD Pediatric
Mr. Neeraj Prasad, IRS
Mr. Nilesh Kumar Gupta, B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur), IRS
Mrs. Nirmala Rai & Mr. Bageshwar Nath Rai, Philanthropist
Dr. Nishith Prakash, B.A. (DSE), PhD (USA), Faculty, Univ of Connecticut (USA)
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Rai, Scientist, B.Tech. (IIT Mumbai), PhD (USA)
Mr. Pushkar Kumar Singh, Advocate (Supreme Court)
Mr. (Colonel) Rajendra Yadav
Dr. Ravi Shankar, Professor (IIT Guwahati)
Mr. Sanjay Kumar, B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur), IPS
Mr. Sanjeev Sinha, M.Sc. (IIT Kanpur), Advisor Bullet Train Project, Ahmedabad
CA. Sanjit Kumar Singh
Dr. Santosh Kumar, B.A. (DSE), PhD (USA), Faculty, Sam Houston State Univ
Mr. Sunil Kumar, B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur)
DR. Suvrity Sinha, MBBS, DGO, Gynecologist
Mr. Uday Anand, B.Tech. (IIT Mumbai), MS/MBA (USA)
Mr. Upendra Singh Rawat, M.Sc. (IIT Kanpur), IFS
Mr. Vikas kumar, Advocate (Patna High Court)
Mr. Vinay Mishra, B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur), Founder Cerrid Solutions Bangalore
Mr. Wais Ahmad, Entrepreneur
And the list continues