Help VPS and Get Recognized

Construction and running of a world-class school requires huge resources. JPSF has already committed significant funds for the construction of VPS. However, current funds are not sufficient and that is why JPSF is going for a phase wise construction plan.

Anybody who is interested in supporting VPS, can donate funds, materials or labour. Every donation shall be duly acknowledged by a receipt and a certificate. The name of the school is a neutral name and is not named after any individual, as JPSF is interested in establishing institutions of excellence that are in essence owned by public at large.

However, JPSF has a plan of personalized recognition for significant donations. Thus within VPS, building blocks, library, laboratories, internal roads, gates, sports ground, cafeterias, memorial lectures, special functions can be named after donors or after persons nominated by donors. Further people interested in personalized charity at student level can adopt students and can take care of their tuition fee, books and uniforms. Those who are interested in supporting VPS may transfer funds online or deposit cheques in following bank account of VPS or contact at the addresses and contact details given on this website.

Vedanta Public School as a unit of JPSF is registered as a public charitable educational trust where donations made to the trustqualify for deductions from the taxable income of donor under Section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

Further Contributions made to ‘Vedanta Public School u/o JPSF’ is eligible for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) contributions under schedule VII of Companies Act 2013 read with section 135 of Companies Act 2013 under the category ‘promotion of education’.