Apart from a strong academic curriculum, VPS is also committed to provide all round development to every student. It includes the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health of the students.


“Trees are the kindest things we grow”. This has been rightly said as the needs of all living beings are fulfilled by them. But their depleting number has become a serious issue and taking this initiative, VPS motivates students to plant trees and celebrate van mahotsav. Planting trees brings the students close to the nature and connects their soul with it.
The Nature Club at VPS arranges many celebrations to connect students with nature.

Games and Sports

When we play any sport, at that point of time, we get rid of our problems completely. Sports are great stress buster and they free our mind. Healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Sport persons are better equipped to manage a crisis, spot an opportunity and make the best of any situation. It teaches you the value of Perseverance, Discipline, Endurance, Self-control, Clear thinking and Leadership. It teaches you to win from the toughest situations and at the same time teaches you how to face failures and not to get depressed at failures.
VPS has got plenty of indoor and outdoor space for all types of sports activity. VPS has planned almost all sports such as Cricket, Football, Volley ball, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Horse Riding, Swimming, Excursions – adventure travel and educational tours, Gardening etc.

Games and Sports

Beethoven called music, the language of God. To listen to a moving piece of music is to treat oneself to a tiny, yet splendid piece of heaven. Music can evoke every feeling to occupy the human heart-from deep melancholy to profound joy. The styles, the range, and the variety of music are as diverse as the people who listen to them. Listening to jazz you will feel the explosion of joy; a Kirtan tells you to experience the presence of divinity; a peppy film song elevates your mood.
But every note of music is an attempt to speak the universal language of humanity. We believe music nourishes the soul and enriches our life.
Fine arts, is an expression of freedom and a matter of learning to see things correctly.
At VPS Fine Arts and Music Club, students will sharpen their Art & Craft skills and practice soulful music.


As Shakespeare said, the entire world is a stage, and all the men and women are merely players. Theatre can turn children into great actors, great orators, speakers and leaders. One day they wouldn't just enthrall an audience with their acting skills, but win over a boardroom, or make an impression in an annual meeting. And the world would indeed be their stage.
We believe theatre improves one's performance, both on and off the stage. To enhance their talent and oratory skills and to eliminate the fear of facing stage, at VPS we provide them training in our Dramatics Club.

Workshops and Exhibitions

It is rightly said “Today’s Science is tomorrow’s technology”. The Science department, at VPS will work on these lines to put up multiple themed exhibitions in the field of Science.

Excursions and Expeditions

At VPS, we believe that trips and excursions are a perfect way to expand one’s horizons. This is why we organize regular excursions for students to promote learning through outdoor interactions, and experiences. Additionally, these trips also instill a sense of appreciation for the wonders of the earth and expose one to a wide variety of cultural and geographical ecosystems.
Another important objective of conducting such trips is to provide an opportunity to teachers as well as students to bond with each other while giving both the parties a break from their hectic & formal schedules of the daily routine.